Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Save the boobs.

Today we talk about a subject many people would be interested in.  That's right...boobies.  Hello boys.

Actually, we're gonna talk about breast cancer.

Wait!  Don't go!  Breast cancer PSAs tend to feature big sexy boobs!  Because if breast cancer isn't caught early, the world misses out on another set of lovely boobs.  I'm a bit fed up of busty women in bikinis...busty women doing a Nuts magazine boob-hold...busty women having a sexy boob-checking shower....

One can't help but wonder if we should all just grow up a bit.

Or maybe we don't need to grow up at all.  Maybe we just need to make ads that speak to the women who actually own the boobs, rather than focusing on how upset the men would be if the lady boobs went all wrong.

Maybe we need pretty boys making 'tits' (pun absolutely intended) of themselves in the name of saving women from cancer.  And in return, the ladies can do their bit for testicular cancer, in whichever way they find appropriate.....

Daily Star Boob Count (present in this blog post) : 12

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